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IProgress Foundation is an institution working for developmentally delayed children.
Developmentally delayed are the children who lack behind in growth and developmental milestones resulting remarkable limitations in capabilities compared to similar age child in learning and working behavior due to permanent brain damage.
Damage in their growth and developmental period is caused due to different reasons before, during or after birth. IProgress Foundation aims proper training program to these children and open the insight of parents to understand and work with the child.


We are a team of Doctors, Psychologists, Special Educators, Parents, Trained Parent Teachers, Social Workers, Entrepreneurs, and many other people from diverse fields who have come together with an ultimate goal of giving a special place to these children in the society. Society awareness is one of the most important factor while dealing with special children.

Disabilities Covered

  1. Mental retardation and associated disorders
  2. Autism
  3. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  4. Behaviorally challenged
  5. Cerebral palsy
  6. Multiple disabilities
  7. Other non-specified problems.
  8. Learning Disabilities


  1. Trust shall work for persons with disabilities with main focus on children with disabilities and children with developmental delay (Includes MR, Autism, CP, LD, Neurological disorders).
  2. To provide intervention programs for children with special needs (with the help of providing integral professional services by Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, speech Therapist, speech pathologist and audiologist, Special Educator, social Worker, Physician, Dentist and other Professionals as per requirement.)
  3. To provide special education to make them independent as much possible.
  4. To provide prevocational and vocational training for special children to make them productive members of the society.
  5. To provide temporary stay away from home for training to become independent as much possible, to provide parental training facility with accommodation.
  6. To provide a secure and permanent shelter to orphan age disabled children and persons.
  7. To provide shelter to an adult with or without old age parents in the same premises.
  8. To provide professional training program to bring out special educators, CBR Workers and care givers.
  9. To make society awareness and conduct programs for preventions and disabilities.
  10. To provide a shelter to the needy widows and persons with other disability as the co-workers for developmentally delayed children.
  11. To create awareness among disabled people to enjoy human rights, equal opportunities and equal legal rights


  1. Early Intervention Program (EIP) / Sensory Integration
  2. Individualised educational program
  3. Individualised vocational training program
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Occupational Therapy
  6. Speech Therapy
  7. Sensory Integration
  8. Special Education / individualised education program (IEP)
  9. Pre-vocational Training
  10. Vocational Training / individualised Vocational program (IVP)
  11. Testing of IQ / ADHD / LD / MCMI / Remedial teaching and counselling

Understanding developmental disabilities


Disabilities are not always visible

You play a key role in monitoring your child’s development and identifying any signs of delays or challenges.


Early intervention is important

The first three years of a child’s development are the most crucial. Intervention at this stage before any formal diagnosis is essential.


You are not alone

52 million children in India have symptoms of developmental disabilities, and there is a wealth of resources you can leverage for support.


Normal growth and developmental milestones


0-1 Year


1-2 Year


2-3 Year


3-4 Year


4-5 Year

A student solving a math assignment using an abacus

5-6 Year


6-18 Year

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