Parental General Queries and Feelings

  • When my child will recover?
  • When my child will walk?
  • When my child will talk?
  • He says ‘abcd..’ , so how to teach further?
  • I don’t want to send my child to the special school.
  • My child is better than other children.
  • He knows everything.

Material used for Training

  • Low cost, No cost easily adaptable and available teaching learning material is used for training.
  • Indian Portage Guide, translated in Marathi for Special Children from age 0 to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is used for assessment and program planning.
  • Lists of activities are given for child’s skill development according to the age and need.

A session designed to assess the child’s development and address any challenges or special needs


Parents play an important role in the development of children. This is more true in case of special children. Efforts are made for the overall development of the children by keeping the parents central in the iprogress. Parents are trained for eight days every 2 month. After refresher classes are taken. Parents who are interested in further training are guided and absorbed in training center.


  • Child at early age uses the strength of five senses.
  • Gap of Functional ability and age is fulfilled.
  • Parents coming from any remote area are guided at very low cost and they become independent trainer for their child.


Last but not least unless and until child is trained in crucial period of his childhood, child doesn’t become useful productive member of the society.

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